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A new simple blog in town

Welcome to my personal blog, today is my birthday, and I'm giving myself a gift starting this website, I've always liked the idea of having my own place on the Internet, so anyone can get in touch with me and find the info about me that I want to share publicly without social networks as an intermediary. Furthermore, now that I'm finishing my degree in Computer Engineering, I'll use this site to showcase some of my projects, just in case someone willing to hire me is interested, check them out if you're curious or want to help me with one that you like. Starting with this post, I'll be writing a humble personal blog touching topics related to software that I use or develop and technology in general, but I may also touch on topics such as basketball, philosophy, minimalism, music, design… Please keep in mind that I am not a native English speaker, so forgive me if I write badly, especially in these first posts. But no worries here, I expect to strengthen my English writing skills little by little, in fact, that is one of the reasons why I decided to start this blog.

About the site

This website is handcrafted and intentionally simple to combat the obesity of the modern web, no JavaScript it's allowed, I write all pages in plain HTML with just a bit of CSS to make it more unique and easier on the eyes (mainly for gruvbox colors and dark theme preference support), but I make sure that the document is perfectly readable without CSS support (e.g. in lynx browser). Well…maybe I lied to you, I don't write everything manually, for building the blog itself I use a custom version of blogit from pedantic.software for convenience, it allows me to write blog posts using Markdown-like syntax and takes care of translating them to HTML, tagging, RSS/Atom feeds… It's basically a Makefile that incrementally builds the blog portion of this site using a set of straightforward HTML templates that I've customized to match the rest of the website, it also has a rule to deploy the site to the remote server directly using rsync.

Speaking of the server, this website is being served by a VM provisioned by the good folks from OpenBSD Amsterdam, of course, running OpenBSD's httpd(8). It's just static content, it doesn't have any hidden tracker or analytics software so you can browse it freely and fast even on low bandwidth Internet. After about 6/7 years of experience around the Free Software and GNU/Linux world I consider myself a newbie in OpenBSD right now, but I'm loving it so far and learning so much, digging into this rabbit hole that I can't stop recommending you to scratch the surface and start learning too, apart from the resources on the official website, you may want to check out cool community sites like OpenBSD Jumpstart, Why OpenBSD rocks and OpenBSD Webzine. There are a lot more good resources and communities about BSDs in general, including really talented people writing about this topics in their personal blogs, but in the spirit of brevity I leave finding those as an exercise for the reader. Maybe in the future I will make a list all the blogs that I read regularly and take inspiration from, I will even consider setting up something like openring inside this blog so you can find quality content related to the topics that I write about, speaking of topics…

About the content

Now it's time to introduce some of my quirks, I'm a tech guy who loves basketball, so I'm highly interested in advanced statistics and data analysis applied to sports. I will cover these topics in some of my blog posts as well as writing about basketball related software, created by me or others. The main topic that I see myself writing about is software in general, more specifically about my learning process with different technologies or languages as a junior software engineer while not forgetting about the usual pieces of opinion/rants in tech blogs about Free Software vs Proprietary Malware, Right to Repair, Privacy, Security and more. I also want to write about broader topics like science and technology, design, lifestyle, philosophy, and other personal stuff depending on how much time I have available to dedicate to this blog. I'm also interested in automation and control systems, general electronics, robotics, and telecommunications. Right now I am exploring all those fields and more under the umbrella of precision agriculture for my Nexus & final degree projects, I chose to work on this area because I've always loved atmospheric science and I find agronomy appealing because of my family roots.

So if you like my website and think that the content will be good I encourage you to follow this blog using RSS or Atom feeds and stay tuned for updates. If you really like this type of content and want to support me creating it, you can do it easily by sharing it with people who may be interested and correcting my mistakes, in fact, any kind of contribution is greatly appreciated, specially feedback, ideas and all the little things.

Questions or suggestions about the topics discussed in this post are welcome, you can leave comments in my public inbox or directly get in touch with me via my contact page. I'm looking forward to seeing your thoughts.


I hope you will enjoy the content.