I used to publish the source code for some major university assignments to prove my experience with different technologies to potential employers. This is no longer the case, I've decided to provide source code only on request.

3rd Year

Algorithm Analysis and Design

Technologies: Java, Python, Matplotlib, NumPy, AWK, Shell, Git, LaTeX

Parallel Computing

Technologies: C, OpenMP, MPI, CUDA, Makefile, Git, LaTeX

Software Design

Technologies: Java, Swing, SQL, Derby, Gson, Astah, SonarQube, Pivotal Tracker, Git, GitLab

4th Year

Mobile Systems

Technologies: Figma, Java, XML, Material Design, Firebase, Android Studio, Gradle, Git, GitLab

Component and Service Based Development

Technologies: Java, Spring Boot, Go, Angular, Bootstrap, TypeScript, cURL, JWT, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Kong, Konga, Docker, Docker Compose, Maven, PlantUML, Git, GitLab

Network and Services Architecture

Technologies: ANSI C, Makefile, Sockets, UDP, TCP, Concurrency, QOTD, TFTP, ICMP

Embedded Systems

Technologies: ANSI C, wiringPi, OpenCV, Python, Makefile, Linux, Busybox, Buildroot

Internship at the Recognized Research Group on Process Control and Supervision from the Institute of Sustainable Processes of the University of Valladolid

Technologies: C, C++, DLLs, C#, XAML, MFC, WinForms, WinUI, Matplotlib, Python, OPC, OPC UA, NAG, Visual Studio



Entrepreneurial project in embryonic stage created with the aim of driving the digital transformation of the agricultural sector by offering simple and affordable solutions to practice precision agriculture. The project has already been recognized by different entrepreneurship entities and has received funding in the form of grants, such as:

More information: Visit the project's page


Specification of a very simple plain text format to define traditional "Bookmarks" or "Favorites" in a portable, interoperable and easy to read and manipulate way for both a human and a program. Inspired by todo.txt.

More information: Check out the current spec at


Clone of dmenu written in C using GTK library as a learning exercise. Very simple program that does only one thing but it does it well, following the philosophies of Unix, suckless and to the best of my ability.

More information: Repository of the project.

dotfiles & suckless

I maintain a set of personal configurations of my work environment on *NIX operating systems. This may seem like a very boring way of wasting time (and at the time maybe it was) but in reality it has many advantages, for example, allows me to always have a history and backup of the complete state of my OS and the programs I use, as well as making it extremely simple to set up a new environment in a semi-automated way. They can be found almost in their entirety (I keep some things private) in this repository which also includes as submodules the forks of some suckless programs that I use and have customized.

Everything else

Check out my profile on Sourcehut or Github to see every Open Source project that I've worked on/contribute to.

UA Devs


Application originally published for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) although focused on the now defunct Windows 10 Mobile. It is currently in the process of being rebuilt to become a cross-platform application using the evolution of Xamarin.Forms, called .NET MAUI.

The new application under development is intended to be a flexible and complete monitoring tool that can be used before, during and after basketball and other sports games by professionals dedicated to advanced statistics as well as groups of amateur friends.

Status: Under reconstruction.

Simple Scoresheet

Extremely minimalistic and easy-to-use multi-platform application that allows you to keep track of the basics of a basketball game in real time, generate a simple report with the scoresheet, export it in PDF format and store previous games on the device.

Developed as an Open Source project and released as Free Software under GPLv3 license, using the Dart programming language and the Flutter framework as a learning experience.

Status: In development


Application first published in 2016 independently and later relaunched in collaboration with UA Devs. Developed with C# and XAML as an Open Source project for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) although mainly oriented to the now defunct Windows 10 Mobile. It was a hybrid web app that introduced native elements atop the web interface to make navigation faster and congruent with the rest of the operating system. In the second half of 2018, the project was discontinued and archived due to the state of the platform....

Status: Abandoned

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